Twenty years ago I asked this wise man in a cave in the Indian Himalayas for advice.

“How best can I make a positive impact in the world?” 

He said, “First, learn how to meditate because it through meditating that you can truly come to know yourself. Then, you’ll be able to help others.” 

I have been meditating ever since.  

I continue to be a student of meditation today, applying the methods I have learned from my venerable teachers.  

Meditation is not something that is reserved for mystic in the mountains, or saffron-robed spiritual seekers. Meditation is what we all need, for ourself, and for our community. 

Join me on a journey of discovering the profound joy and benefits of meditation. 


A note from Matteo Pistono, 

founder of Wind River Meditation

What Does Wind River Meditation ​offer?

Wind River Meditation offers individual and group meditation instructions in your home or office.

Tuition depends on the number of sessions scheduled over a given period.  

Schedule a time to meet us here.

We will get back in touch with you to arrange our first meeting. We know you have a busy life so there are a variety of schedule possibilities, including morning and evenings.

Wind River Mediation’s aim is to help you develop and maintain a meditation practice.