Wind River Meditation


Wind River Meditation offers personal meditation instruction to calm your mind, gain contentment, train in mindfulness, and to become more patient. Meditation can improve your relationships with family, friends and community and create a more focused and concentrated mind to enhance your creative and professional life.  

Our individualized and practical meditation training allows you to experience first hand the benefits of a calm, clear, and aware state of being. Wind River Meditation offers you the tools and techniques to take charge of your life.  

Tuition depends on the number of meditation session scheduled. Schedule a meeting today! 

Matteo Pistono


Matteo Pistono teaches core meditation techniques at Wind River Meditation. These techniques are accessible to all age groups and can be immediately integrated into our fast paced Western lifestyles. Matteo brings his own meditation training of over twenty years, which includes living and studying with Tibetan Buddhist masters in Nepal, India, and Tibet, prolonged personal retreats in the Himalayas, Sri Lanka and Thailand, and a robust academic training in Indian philosophy from the University of London. Matteo’s warm, personal instruction bridges the theoretical to the practical, and allows you to experience profound confidence and deep sense of calm. Matteo has written Meditation: Coming to Know Your Mind, and a couple books which you can read about here.

Why Meditate?


We know that meditation allows us to calm down, to reduce stress and anxiety, and to be more present in our life and with our loved ones. There are many different methods and techniques of meditation that have developed throughout history and across different spiritual traditions. At the core of all meditation techniques is the cultivation of mindful awareness, and sense of presence of where we are in the present moment. Yes, meditation allows us to move beyond mind’s stress-inducing thoughts and emotions, and to settle our mind, but ultimately, meditation will allow us to regain control of our life.